Walk SF Tours

Explore. Taste. Inspire.

We are a group of local storytellers sharing San Francisco’s best-kept secrets through food, drink and other immersive experiences.

San Francisco, the Golden City. Vulgar and magnificent. A place to stake your claim! Find your fortune! Reinvent yourself! Change the world!


Everyday, we are showcasing our special city for people of all walks of life (Pun intended). The city where the Gold Rush never ended, a Queen City, splendid and sensuous, that rose from the ashes, where the ghosts of the Barbary Coast still roam back alleys & old saloons, and where Beatnik poets howled to change the world.


As your hired guns, we’ll take you on a rough-and-tumble adventure connecting the past with the present to discover San Francisco’s rich history on foot! So lace up those shoes, new or old and get ready for a time to remember.

Walk SF Tours