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What People Are Saying

Reviving The Beat Generation

"I am the daughter of Neal Cassady, and I learned a lot about the places my dad hung out. It was enjoyable hearing stories about Dad's escapades, and retracing his and his cronies' steps through North Beach. It made us appreciate the impact the Beats had on society as a whole. I especially appreciated the way Ryan tied in other events happening at the time. It made us appreciate the impact the Beats had on society as a whole. Thank you, Ryan." 

Cathy |
North Beach Underground Tour

Great Local Tour of Dogpatch in SF

"It was a great tour. Ryan did an excellent job at providing the history behind Dogpatch as well as making us taste local food including beer, pizza, chocolate and much more. We also got to do a great tour of the Triple Voodoo Brewery and discovered local artisans. I would plan 3h or so for the tour, it could last longer if everyone in the group is having fun!" 

Julia |
Handcrafted in Dogpatch Tour

Gold & Guns in Downtown SF tour = AWESOME

"As a local in SF, I learned things I never knew about this city. Our guide took the group to places I had never been in the city and I liked them all. The one part of the tour I especially loved was learning about Emperor Norton. The tour is the perfect length in time, not too long or short. I recommend this tour to locals and tourists; it's one of the best in the city!"

Megan |
Gold & Guns in Downtown SF Tour

The Perfect Mix of History & Conversation

"Gold & Guns in Downtown SF is the perfect mix of history and conversation. On one hand this is much more than an excuse to go bar hopping, and on the other, the specific streets we walked, bars we toured and cocktails we drank allowed us to peer into the origins of San Francisco's growth and prosperity. Well done and very worthwhile."

Mel |
Gold & Guns in Downtown SF Tour